Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet the Waggtoons Part 1

Ever since 2002, I've created a little bunch of characters called the Waggtoons, my plan is to some day make cartoons staring them similar to the Looney Tunes, but I'll tell you more about that later, right now here are the five main Waggtoons characters.

Linda Retriever: A Mischievous Dog who loves to pull pranks (Especially on Zingo and Boppo). She deals with her enemies the old fashion way, by beating them up!

Dr. Dots: A very nervous dalmatian, often tries to be cool but ultimately fails in the end. He is also a doctor and a dentist.

Cristy Dots: She is probable the smartest of the bunch and doesn't want to get into crazy situations, unfortunately for her she ends up either being dragged into crazy situations or just stumbles upon them. Also for someone very small she has a big appetite.

Zingo Bingo: Often thinks he's in control and knows what he's doing, but he doesn't. He often leads him and his twin brother Boppo into wacky situations.

Boppo Bingo: Boppo is almost the opposite of his twin brother Zingo, often doubting what his brother does, even through he follows Zingo's orders anyway and still has respect for him. He doesn't talk much, and mostly communicates in Barking and Dog noises.

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